About the project.

Somewhere in March, I started to play Warrock. I was that good to be a member of a beginning clan and I offered to make a site for them. They refused it because they already had some kind of site. Though, I couldn't resist to start coding. Then I had the idea to make the source for everyone so I submitted the project at sourceforget. I started coding right away and the core things were done when sourceforge approved the project.

More to come, maybe...

About the devoloper.

My name is Folkert van der Molen and I come from Holland. Thats why the English is rubbish sometimes. Im an 18 year old student and going to college in Groningen. Im studying Information Technologie so I really like coding. I have to say, Im not very good at coding in php, but as you can see, I can make working things. Feel free to contact me to improve the coding. Thats why I hosted it on sourceforge.

More to come, maybe...