Welcome to the project page of ClanRock. This project is meant for people that dont have the knowlede, or for people that are just too lame ;), to build a clan-managing system for WarRock. If you dont know what WarRock is, you should read the following quote.

Quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Rock:

"War Rock is a multi player first-person shooter available free or in retail. The retail version has many more features than the free one. It has intentionally low system requirements in order to encourage widespread participation[citation needed]. War Rock features a growing number of maps, vehicles and over 25 different weapons. There are mainly Team Based gameplay types but also FFA (Free For All). The player has the choice of a number of classes, with each class having a different weapon set and ostensibly different combat roles and tactics. The game also features a ranking system and an in-game Item Shop where the player can 'lease' more powerful weapons using virtual currency (dinars) that is earned by playing the game. Rental periods range from 24 hours up to a month. Some weapons can only be bought if the player uses real money to pay for an additional weapons slot. The player can also use real money to pay for other benefits in the game as well. The basic version however is completely free to play."...